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How to clean and maintain jewelry during COVID 19?

Until now, you must be tired of staying in quarantine and suffering from the COVID 19 phase, wondering how to clean the jewelry during this overwhelming period. clean and maintain This is the common question that we have heard during the COVID 19 period, especially by women who are concerned about the spread of the virus from their jewelry pieces.

Jewelry is something that no woman can leave wearing, and till now, you might not have thought about the transmission of viruses from your jewelry pieces. So, how to clean and maintain jewelry during these COVID times.

How to clean and maintain jewelry during COVID 19?

clean and maintain

Use of dishwasher soap

Using hand soaps for cleaning the rings or bangles can be a trauma for precious gemstones or silver jewelry pieces. The use of harsh cleaners on precious stones can lead to a cloudy appearance. The safe way to clean your silver jewelry pieces like rings is to use warm water mixed with mild dish wash.

For stubborn deposition of debris on your rings, you can make use of a soft toothbrush to get rid of all the smudge, dust, and filth. clean and maintain

clean and maintain

Take off your jewelry before washing hands

To maintain the jewelry during COVID 19, it’s best to take off your jewelry when washing your hands or taking a shower. Clean and maintain your jewelry pieces correctly and regularly. With the ongoing COVID 19 epidemic, we are now well aware of the cleaning efforts you should put on to discontinue the spread and keep the jewelry intact.

This is considered one of the best practices to keep your jewelry safe against any tarnish and from cross-contamination of germs. Once you are done washing your hands, make sure to avoid wearing dirty jewelry on your fingers. Wash the jewelry pieces thoroughly using the appropriate method, and then let them dry before you place them safely. clean and maintain

But according to some scientists, it’s advised that putting back your rings can make your hands dirty, so if you can’t keep them clean properly, it’s best to avoid wearing them. It was seen that healthcare professionals who wore rings at the time of their job resulted in a site for nourishing bacteria.

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Use of hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are perfectly safe for cleaning the jewelry in COVID 19. Most of the jewelry pieces are made from sturdy metal, which makes them easy to handle. clean and maintain However, it would help if you bear in mind that hand sanitizers do not remove all germs from the owlery. They are only effective for cleaning but not for disinfecting.

However, it’s best advised that the use of hand sanitizers is not safe for jewelry having certain gemstones or precious metals. Rings are the perfect site for germs to flourish, so it’s better to avoid wearing them at times of pandemics.

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Use of disinfectant

You can make use of disinfectants like hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol for disinfecting and cleaning the jewelry. However, if your jewelry comprises organic gems such as turquoise, opals, pearls, or coral, it can be damaged if in regular contact with antibacterial soaps, disinfectants, or hand sanitizers. clean and maintain

clean and maintain

Go for professional ultrasonic cleaning

The use of ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning jewelry helps in getting rid of all the grime and dirt. The ultrasonic waves remove all germs gently from all your jewelry pieces. The circular motion of the ultrasonic waves penetrates in the tiny crevices for cleaning all debris. clean and maintain

The ultrasonic cleaners generate around 42000 Hz of sound waves, which are gentle yet powerful for cleaning jewelry pieces. The accessories are placed in a unit for five prest cleaning cycles performed for around 90-480 seconds. clean and maintain

clean and maintain

Use of UV clean portable sanitizer

These portable sanitizers are great for cleaning large accessories. They come with powerful UV-C LED technology, which kills around 99.9% of bacteria or viruses compared to other sanitizers. Four LED lights work well for disinfecting jewelry pieces. The UV clean portable sanitizer kills all the viable germs making the rings clean and safe to wear. clean and maintain


clean and maintain


Use of tarnish remover wipes

Keep these wipes for cleaning silver jewelry pieces. The use of wipes helps remove tarnish and surface debris which gives a perfect lustrous shine to your favorite jewelry pieces in times of COVID 19. The cleaning formula is that wipes are ammonia-free, leading to a protective layer without any scratches on top, preventing any tarnish. clean and maintain

clean and maintain

Use of disposable wipes

Jewelry cleaning is essential but once you are done cleaning them, use the dry disposable wipes on your jewelry pieces. These wipes keep your articles gentle, soft, and safe, maintaining a polished look. Such wipes are meant to leave an anti-tarnish shield over the accessories, which gives them a protected look. The disposable wipes are the perfect solution for cleaning the accessories.

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Use of diamond dazzle stick

You can also invest in cleaning tools like diamond dazzle sticks which keep your jewelry pieces sparkling with a lustrous shine. clean and maintain It would be best to use this stick dispensed in the cleaning solution to reach all jewelry pieces’ nooks and crannies.

Final Verdict

To keep your jewelry safe and clean during this COVID 19 pandemic, follow these simple tips and tricks to ensure that your jewelry is clean and does not transmit any germs if you have no such cleaning methods safely available at home. You can make use of alcohol pads where you can individually wrap your jewelry pieces in them.

The use of alcohol pads prevents the surface of jewelry pieces from scratches. These pads also serve as disinfectant wipes that clean the germs and dirt from the surface of jewelry pieces. clean and maintain
Other than using these tips and tricks, once you are done cleaning the jewelry pieces, make sure to dry them out once you plan on keeping them safe or taking them off.

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