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5 Tips for Wearing 925 Sterling Silver Earrings

Meta Description: Are you stressed when you have an event next week and think you have nothing to wear? Or even if you’ve already chosen an outfit, you’re wondering how stylish the accessories will be! Read on to enlighten yourself with 5 tips for wearing 925 sterling silver earrings.

5 Tips for Wearing 925 Sterling Silver Earrings

The earrings have been worn for a very long time. In the old days, they didn’t have the proper tools to pierce their ears, so they used stones and plugs to pierce the holes and wore some kind of jewelry. But since we’ve upgraded ourselves, we’ve got modern techniques and great earrings to pierce your ears too. Now you can wear different types of beautiful earrings that will make you look amazing. You don’t just pick and buy jewelry. But you also create a style in your mind according to different outfits. Here are 5 tips to style yourself with 925 sterling silver earrings.

Sterling Silver Earrings

know your face

You have to understand that you should know your face shape. Not every type of earring is suitable for every face shape. Here are some face shapes and earrings that will look good on you and also suggest some options for you to consider.

round or oval

This face shape is the easiest way to choose earrings because you can wear anything and it will suit you. Some suggestions are to wear triangular buttons or simple, long tassel earrings are also suitable.

inverted triangle

It is said to be an inverted triangle because the forehead is so wide and narrow that the chin is pointed. To balance the face, you can wear teardrop-shaped dangling earrings. If you want to carry smaller items, you can use a smaller shaped loop.


Long faces can be paired with chunky, small button earrings to play up the long face shape. If you like long or large earrings, opt for round earrings.


Square faces have jaws and jaws that make your face look square. To make it outside, you can put things that have a round or oval shape. You can pair them with hoops or square earrings as well. You should avoid 925 sterling silver, triangular, or diamond earrings.

Sterling Silver Earrings

wear according to your skin tone

People are different. Varies from country to country Some people mostly use cool to warm and neutral tones. Cool tones are less complex, so you should consider wearing colors like blue, red, or green, among others. The complexity of neutral hues is on yellow skin tones. You should wear matching things like copper, gold, bronze, silver, or rose gold. Shades of green to brown and honey will also look good. Neutral tones are not between yellow or peach undertones. They can wear something in shades of blue, purple, or turquoise. Sterling Silver Earrings.

However, the complexity cannot make you decide what works for you or not. There is no such rule that you must follow. Even with such rules, rules are meant to be broken. Many women of dark shades love to wear 925 sterling silver earrings of various colors. Your beauty is within you. So no matter what you wear, you need to make sure it looks good and goes with your outfit.
try something new

Maybe trying something new can make you uncomfortable. But you have to look different. The change in you will make you feel refreshed. If you don’t wear much jewelry Start by wearing 925 sterling silver earrings to wear to your event. If you are going to a formal party Try wearing pearls. If you’re going to work in an office, try starting with small things like buttons and hoops.


Dressing up your earrings is the right thing to do. Earrings are the first thing that draws attention to your face. So you should mix and match your hairstyle according to the earrings you plan to wear. Sterling Silver Earrings.

open hair

If you have long hair and want to open it up, wear small stud earrings in 925 sterling silver. They will definitely look shinier at first glance and definitely throughout the event.
If you have short hair, you might want to wear a hoop. Short hair with a hoop is a very nice combination. Sterling Silver Earrings.

horsetail or bread

If you plan on doing a ponytail or similar hairstyle, you can wear dangling earrings or tassels. Doing this hairstyle will make your neck and ear area clean and clear. So you can wear something that draws attention to that area. Sterling Silver Earrings.

heavy earrings

If you plan on wearing a heavy pair of earrings that you think will go perfectly with your outfit, try to keep the rest of the jewelry simple. They’ll look like you’re overdoing it. Your look will create a mess. Keeping it simple, I mean, if you wear heavy earrings, you should consider wearing a simple necklace and bracelet. Probably won’t even be wearing this outfit. It will make your earrings stand out and sparkle. Sterling Silver Earrings.

Sterling Silver Earrings

final thoughts

Once you find it comfortable and stylish, personalized 925 sterling silver earrings, then you can dress them up for any event, be it a wedding, to the office, or even at home. according to the occasion, make-up, hairstyle and skin tone We’ve explained it all. It’s not just about getting dressed for work. You have to understand that earrings are important. Because they attract the attention of people who saw you before they even talked to you. After reading the article, you must know 5 secrets that you can use in your daily life.

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