Blue Zircon Ring

Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings

Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Rings

Sterling silver rings are in trend these days as new designs are being introduced by the designers. They can easily be worn with any type of dress as the designs are often quite unique and elegant. Many people wish to start their own jewelry business and their main focus is on starting up something that has to do with rings. Rings are one of the most common accessories that people prefer to wear. 

Many platforms like Alibaba deal in selling wholesale sterling silver rings to people who wish to have their own jewelry business. Some of the most unique designs that one can find for wholesale selling are as follows:

  1. Blue Zircon Ring

Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings 01
Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings 01

Blue Zircon ring with small white zircons embedded around it looks quite classy and can be worn with a dress that compliments the color blue. It can be ordered on online platforms like Alibaba. They are selling at least 3 pieces minimum. However, people can order more if they have a bulk order. It is available in a resizable size. The ring is a perfect gift for a loved one. 

      2. Abstract Four Pearls Ring

Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings 02
Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings 02

After diamonds, pearls can be considered a girl’s best friend. They are unlikely to leave someone in the time of need as they can complement any outfit and at any time during the day.

The abstract four pearls ring is a classy design that can be paired up with matching pearl earrings and necklaces. 

        3. Couple Eternity Band

Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings 03
Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings 03

Many couples look for different ways to express their love for each otherThe best way is to gift your better half with a couple eternity band. It is a good option for people to purchase it on wholesale as a lot of people would want to get this band in pure sterling silver. The band is available in various ring sizes, therefore a small quantity of all the sizes should be ordered. 

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