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Jewelry cleaning tips – How to guide you?


Jewelry is one of the essential accessories that we flaunt at all times with our dresses on all occasions. It is therefore essential that you keep your jewelry clean and in top-notch condition so that you can wear it immediately with your dress. If you feel like lately, your jewelry collection is getting grimy or tarnished with scratches on it, then it’s high time that you should clean it.
So, what are the jewelry cleaning tips that you should look at, dive in to have a look Before cleaning your jewelry, you need to check the grim and dirt on it?

Make sure you notice where your jewelry needs most of its cleaning. dot add it to your jewelry collection if it feels dull. Notice the jewelry pieces and check out the dullness your loved accessories are suffering from. The best part is that there are several jewelry cleaning tips that you can look at for getting the ultimate sparkling shine to your pieces.

Jewelry cleaning tips – How to guide you?




This is one of the simplest cleaning tips that we can offer for sparkling jewelry. All your fashion jewelry and gold jewelry do benefit from this method. Make sure to watch the jewelry pieces using warm water with fragrance-free, colorless liquid soap. You can easily use soaps for woolen, castile soap, gentle hand wash has no harsh chemicals, antiseptics, moisturizer can also work well.
Apart from the jewelry surface, you also need to clean the soft gems. Make use of bristled brush or cloth for getting rid of all the grime from the crevices. Make sure that you don’t leave the gems like pearls or opals in the water for so long as they might leave their spaces and come out.

Use an ultrasonic cleaner:

If you have intricate jewelry pieces, make sure to get rid of dust and grime using the ultrasonic cleaner as normal washing won’t work. Follow the instructions carefully while using the ultrasonic cleaners. These cleaners are highly effective in getting rid of all the debris and dirt even from tight spaces. Ultrasonic cleaners are not effective in removing tarnish but they are exceptional in cleaning complex jewelry pieces with crevices that might accumulate dirt.

However, if your jewelry pieces have black or patinated surfaces in the design with soft gemstones such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, pearls or opals then make sure to avoid using ultrasonic cleaners. Using ultrasonic cleaners on such jewelry pieces can affect the finishing and might damage the gemstones.


Use a polishing cloth:

To get rid of all the tarnish, make sure to use a polishing cloth. Sterling silver jewelry usually tarnishes over some time. However, other precious metals like gold jewelry can also tarnish. It is one of the normal processes that metal undergoes. It’s easy to get rid of tarnishes and clean the precious metals. You can simply use a cleaning cloth for getting rid of all the tarnish. These professional cleaning clothes are highly effective in getting rid of all the tarnish.

Then rinse properly, dry the jewelry pieces and get rid of all the chemical residue. You can use products like silver wipes which are effective in adding shine to the silver jewelry to remove tarnish. You can also use a microfiber wipe made from natural cotton for gently cleaning the jewelry pieces and leaving the perfect sparkle.

Utilize silver dip:

Silver dip is one of the quick and easy-to-use methods for getting rid of all the tarnish over sterling silver jewelry pieces. It is an effective measure for silver chains which are challenging to clean while using the cloth. You can easily get access to silver dip at the pharmacy, supermarket, or any hardware shop. Apart from it, you can always visit the jewelry shop near you. Make sure to follow the instructions properly and rinse thoroughly once you are done performing it.

Lastly, dry the jewelry pieces. However, it’s important to understand the fact that you cannot use a silver dip for jewelry pieces that have plastinated or blackened areas as an intricate design. Don’t use it on jewelry pieces with soft gemstones such as pearls, turquoise, and lapis lazuli as this might damage finishing and gemstones.

Do not use harsh cleaning methods:

Most people do utilize old jewelry cleaning methods like using baking soda, vinegar, or toothpaste. These ingredients are rubbed over the metal leading to slight removal of metal every time you repeat this process. These harsh cleaning methods can damage and ultimately deplete precious jewelry pieces.

Soapy water:

For necklaces having silk thread, it’s highly effective to wash them using soapy water and then rinse them. Lay the jewelry pieces flat and hang them for immediate drying. You can also use an iron over silk settings for immediate drying.



Storage is one of the effective means to keep your jewelry sparkling and clean at all times. Do not, I repeat do not store the jewelry pieces in humid areas like bathrooms, and do not wear your jewelry pieces in the swimming pool. Wearing jewelry in humid areas can lead to a speedy tarnishing process. You must offer extra care to your favorite jewelry pieces and perform frequent cleaning.
Do not store your precious jewelry pieces near free-flowing air. This slows down the tarnish process and keeps all dust away from the jewelry pieces. It’s also important to prevent your jewelry pieces from rubbing against each other, your hard gemstones, or the hard surfaces as this might scratch them. Keep your jewelry stored properly and individually to avoid any scratches.


Hope this guide helps in cleaning the jewelry effectively. Using a brush, polishing cloth, and ultrasonic cleaners are effective means of keeping your jewelry shiny with the ultimate finish. Make sure to be careful while using these cleaning methods over intricate jewelry pieces or fine jewelry that comes with gemstones.

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