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List of Jewelry Manufacturers in Thailand: An Overview

For centuries, The Kingdom of Thailand has been a center of the art of culture of jewelry making, with knowledge of such crafts passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, it comes not as a surprise that in continuation of its rich culture, Thailand has several manufacturers and wholesalers working on gold, silver, steel, diamonds, rubies, and humbler stuff like leather and Bamboo to make beautiful jewelry and accessories.

List of Jewelry Manufacturers in Thailand: An Overview


What are the materials available in Thailand?

In Thailand, a good number of jewelry manufacturers specialize in precious metals like gold and silver, usually sterling silver. Thailand has the world’s largest silver natural reserve. In 2019 alone, Thailand produced 50,000 metric tons of silver. They also use diamonds and gems imported from other countries. Wood, brass, and Bamboo are also used.

While a good number of Thai manufacturers focus on Thai cultural designs, reflecting excellent artistic motifs, Thailand contains various tests in jewelry suitable for anybody anywhere in the world. This article would try to give you an overview of the world of gold and silver and gems that Thailand jewel manufacturers live in. We will tell you who it is beneficial to do business with. Jewelry Manufacturer

Hong Factory

Since 1971, Hong Factory has served thousands of jewelers with wholesale silver jewelry from Thailand & marcasite jewelry collection and the advanced OEM & ODM jewelry customization to create countless one-of-a-kind exceptional jewelry pieces. As one of Thailand’s oldest jewelry manufacturers, we are proud in delivering four decades of distinctive designs, scrupulous attention to detail, and quality consistency. Our focus is on crafting your exceptional experience with bespoke jewelry design that is affordable and personalized for our business partners


Intercontinental Jewelry Manufacturing Plc.

Let’s start with International Jewelry. It’s one of Thailand’s leading jewelry manufacturers. It has over two decades of experience, having been established in 1994. It has branches all over Thailand and in the capital city of Bangkok. Silver and gold pieces of jewelry are the specialty of Intercontinental jewelry. They also dabble in brass and would make fabulous bead jewelry for customers. With their dedication and passion for satisfying the peculiar needs of each customer, they have kept over eighty distinguished clients satisfied.

Design Co., Ltd

Design Co., Ltd has forty years of experience under its belt. That’s forty years of rendering quality service by this jewelry manufacturer based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Design Co., Ltd makes use of sterling silver, brass and pewter jewelry to make jewelry of expertise and exquisite taste. Jewelry Manufacturer

Services rendered include designing, sampling making, resining, assembling, polishing, quality control, and enameling. They pride themselves on being timely, with the professionals of both local and foreign extraction working around the clock to keep their clients satisfied on time. Design Co.; Ltd is really proud of its palmier chain knit and with good reason. The product, which comes in gold and silver brands, is hand-made, requiring a unique set of skills. Jewelry Manufacturer



Choon Jewelry Company Limited.

Since 1984 Choon Jewelry company has been up and running. This Bangkok-based jewelry manufacturer was founded by Mr. Chairat ‘Choon’ Noppasanti. Choon Jewelry Company is ISO 9001 certified. This company burns with passion for making jewelry from gold, silver, and semi-precious gems in creating exotic designs for clients.

Areas of their specialization include 9k, 10k, 14k, and 18k gold jewelry and gold, platinum and rhododendron silver jewelry (as well as other silver and gold and white and yellow gold) in cubic zirconia, semi-precious stones, and more. Jewelry Manufacturer

Thai Jewelry Manufacturer Co., Ltd

Thai Jewelry Manufacturer Co., Ltd has been around since 1984. It is based in Bangkok, Thailand. This company is a gold member of the Thai Gem & Jewelry Traders Association, The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand, and many more traders’ associations in Thailand. It’s pretty influential on the Thai jewelry industry’s market. They specialize in Classic Gold Jewelry, Classic Silver Jewelry, Charms Jewelry, and Rings Jewelry.


Spokes Jewelry Services Limited

Spokes Jewelry Services Limited is a jewelry manufacturer based in Bangkok, Thailand. It was established in 2011. It is a full-service OEM jewelry production & custom jewelry manufacturing facility. They are based in Prawet, Bangkok. Spokes provide services such as designing, 3D sampling as well manufacturing. Spokes Jewelry Service Limited is into custom jewelry and gemstone sourcing. Whatever it is that you want, Spokes is ready to work with you for you. Jewelry Manufacturer

Atelier Quadrature

Atelier Quadrature jewelry is based in Bangkok, Thailand. Atelier is a service run by Manja-Thai Company Limited. Atelier Quadrature specializes in high-quality gold and silver jewelry. They render services in designing and mass production. Atelier works with only the best jewelry designers to take their clients to the next level. Whether it’s metallic jewelry, diamond jewelry, pearls, or gemstone jewelry, Atelier Quadrature got you covered.

Oregon’s Manufacturing Ltd

Oregon’s Manufacturing Ltd is based in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s a Thai jewelry manufacturer that specializes in diamond, gold, silver, and color stone jewelry. Oregon boasts of a team of expert jewelry craftsmen that handle the designs and production of their clients. Jewelry Manufacturer
OROGEMS supports environmental preservation as it is a member of the Thai Green Activity Club and Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association. Orogem is dedicated to creating new technology to satisfy the variety of desires of its clients. They pride themselves on being timely. Jewelry Manufacturer



Royal Sal Jewelry Manufacturer

Royal Sal has been manufacturing jewelry for nearly two decades, and it was founded in 2001. Royal Sal offers services in designing and making high-end silver fashion jewelry in Thailand, as well as stainless steel jewelry and diamond rings. Royal Sal’s goal is to offer quality and luxury to customers, all at an affordable price. Royal Sal believes that luxury can be affordable. Working with customers such as Swarovski on custom-made jewelry designs makes this possible. Jewelry Manufacturer

Lofty Bamboo

Lofty Bamboo was founded by Toshinori Takasawa. They’re committed to environmental preservation and serving their clients better. They’re based in Bangkok, Thailand. The peculiarity with Lofty Bamboo is that its designs are based on traditional motifs passed down from generation to generation. Jewelry Manufacturer

Their jewels are made by villagers knowledgeable in this tradition. The fact that these traditions are being eroded makes Lofty Bamboo more than just a manufacturer of jewels but a preserver of a way of living, art, and custom. They make bangles, beads, tassel necklaces, and silver necklaces to sell to the world. If you want jewelry with a bit of culture and one with nature, you can hardly go wrong with Lofty Bamboo.

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