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how men can style sterling 925 silver jewelry bracelet

Explanation of how men can style sterling 925 silver jewelry bracelet.


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Men can style their jewelry in many different ways. But the most common piece of jewelry item is a sterling silver jewelry bracelet. In the article, you will learn more about how men can style their bracelets on different types of occasions and different outfits!

Bracelets nowadays are very common to wear among men. Many celebrities have started this trend of wearing a sterling silver bracelet and now they are continued onto their followers as well. Bracelet itself emphasizes the whole look of a person. But you must know how to style it with types of outfits according to the event.

Don’t stress about this because we are here to help you out. Here are some styles that you may want to consider wearing while styling yourself.

  • Professionalism


When going to an office you have to look decent and professional. You need to wear formal clothes along with some sophisticated piece of jewelry that you may like. Bracelets bring a lot of attention to your overall look. So, you must consider wearing a sterling silver jewelry bracelet along with a simple watch. Make sure that the bracelet isn’t coming in your way while working. It should be comfortable and easy to wear.

 It will be a routine of yours to wear it every day and will be becoming part of your dressing. silver jewelry bracelet look perfect when you are wearing suits and pants. It just gives a touch of decency, masculinity, and bold nature to your personality. It may go under the sleeve but don’t worry about that because it’s not something you are showing off but it’s an accent to your outfit. It will look really good when you have to pull your sleeve up for some reason or maybe handing over some files to your colleague at work. 

  • Casual Look

silver jewelry bracelet As good as bracelets look good while at an office or a formal event it looks even better with casual looks. You must have observed many famous people wear bracelets with the most random outfits. The only thing you should remember is to match it with the other sterling silver jewelry bracelet you are planning to wear. A good recommendation is to co-ordinate a necklace or a chain with your bracelet. You will look charming! 


silver jewelry bracelet If you are planning to go on vacation then do take at least one jewelry along with you. The most manageable jewelry item is the bracelet. Make sure you don’t take a lot of the sterling silver jewelry bracelet pieces since it can get difficult to take care of them and most of the time you forget to wear them.

  • Bringing Back the Old Times

If you remember from the past times when retro style was in fashion. Men used to wear these bracelets which has and a wide area that comes on top and has a chain like structure on the bottom to wrap it around your wrist. You can wear with casual outfit only. Since it is something not very formal and won’t look good informal clothes. So, wear this piece of sterling silver jewelry bracelet item outside the office place when you are hanging around with your friends and family. silver-jewelry

Now on the wider area, you can get creative and get it engraved with something special silver jewelry bracelet. You can get your and your loved one’s initials in that area. You can even get a date that you want to remember silver jewelry bracelet. This type of bracelet can also be used for patients that are ill and forgets things. They can write down a phone number for emergency cases.  

  • Cuff Bracelet 

You must know that a bracelet that isn’t your size and is rolling up and down brings down negative attention towards your arm. It brings the impression that you didn’t buy the correct size or the bracelet isn’t yours silver jewelry bracelet. So, you need to make sure that whenever you go buy a bracelet purchase a bracelet that is exactly your size and fits you well silver jewelry bracelet. 


If in any case, you are planning to buy a bracelet for someone you don’t know the exact size or even for your self then the best option is to get a cuff bracelet. It is free size and anybody can wear it. It fits according to your wrist and you can adjust it accordingly. This is a very comfortable option because it just perfectly fits your wrist.

You can wear this anywhere you like. It can be an office, going to someone’s place for food. Wearing a piece of sterling silver jewelry bracelet will make you look great and compliment your outfit too.

  • Match it with Necklace


As mentioned earlier silver jewelry bracelet, you can mix and match your bracelet and wear it with a necklace. It is one of the greatest combinations. But need to make sure to go minimal on one of them. Either wear a shiny silver necklace or bracelet. And remember that if you are wearing one shiny sterling silver jewelry  then you might want to tuck in the necklace under your shirt so that it only shows from the back of the neck area. Or you can do it the other way around with the necklace too.

It all depends on what you like to wear. It looks both in summer and winter outfits. In summers, the clothing is less so you can show off more sterling silver jewelry But in winters you are covered up in many clothes, therefore, you wear less jewelry. Nevertheless, in both cases, you must look decent and smart.

Final Verdict


We now have come to the conclusion where we are ending our article. We have mentioned 5 different ways in which you can style your 
sterling silver jewelry for men. We have described from the old times till the trendy fashion nowadays. One thing all men must remember to not go overboard. Wear little jewelry for events like formal meetings, going out with friends, silver jewelry bracelet or even just running everyday errands. 

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