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Top 10 sterling silver jewelry pieces for wedding

We would like to introduce the top 10 sterling silver jewelry that are suitable for weddings.

sterling silver jewelry

Meta Description: Do you have your special wedding day coming up? Are you looking for the best jewelry items and are confused because of the choices? You do not need to think more as you will learn a few of the best sterling silver jewelry pieces available today and will also learn about some of the precautionary steps you need to take in the process.


No matter how much you try to prepare for your special wedding day you can never be 100% ready as there are always a few last minutes items that need to be done and you might not realize how unexpectedly your or your friends or relatives wedding might show up and you will have to be ready for it. Even though there is a huge variety of sterling silver jewelry available in the market, one can get confused rather quickly but do not worry as we will tell you about a few of the top sterling silver jewelry pieces that you can wear to your own or someone else’s wedding.


After you have picked up your favorite wedding dress and start to look at some jewelry that you need to wear, the first item of silver jewelry that you should start with is the necklace. A necklace is one of the most important jewelry items because it the biggest item and also you can match the rest of your jewelry with it. There are several necklaces you can wear at your weddings such as a bib or statement necklace. You should keep in mind that the necklace should complement your dress and add to your personality rather than looking odd.

sterling silver jewelry

The area between the chest and neck is completely uncovered so your necklace should cover that area in the most elegant way which would make you look out of this world. You can even integrate pearls or gems into the necklace to further enhance the presence of the necklace. So, the best necklace for you would be the one that goes perfectly with the shape of your dress and makes you look complete. The most common example of wedding necklaces is a choker, collar necklaces, and bib.


The perfect sterling silver jewelry that finishes your top look is a good pair of earrings. Even though people think that earrings do not hold that much importance are any pair that would look good are wrong. Those tiny earrings have a lot more meaning as they complete the look of your face and also compliment the necklace that you wear on your special day. A few of the most timeless wedding style earrings are danglers, chandler style, sweetheart, and bateau. If your necklace is light, then you should go for a heavy earring and vice versa as this will end up looking properly rounded off rather than out of proportion. Like the necklace, this sterling silver jewelry can be made with pearls or gems of different colors which would complement your whole wedding look even more.

Bracelets and rings

Now that you have figured out most of the sterling silver jewelry for your wedding look, one essential part of the body is still left which is your hands and wrists. Moreover, wearing the right kind of bracelet will add the perfect bling to your whole look. Most of the wedding dresses these days are sleeveless which means that your arms will look empty if a bracelet is not worn. Bracelets are also the perfect way to add some of the family heritage items to your look. Often families pass on their family jewelry items especially bracelets or bangles from one generation to another.

sterling silver jewelry

These are timeless pieces that never get old and just with a little bit of maintenance they can last you a lifetime and can the perfect hand sterling silver jewelry on your wedding day. Some of the most commonly used wrist jewelry items are pearl bracelets, bangles, and sleek bangle bracelet. Along with brackets, you must also add some elegant rings to your wedding outfit along with other sterling silver jewelry items and one of the most famous ones is a simple diamond ring with a base made of 925 sterling silver in a simple helix or split helix design and the other most design is a solitaire ring, and these combined with other jewelry will make you look the center of attention on your special day and the downright perfect look.

Must take precautions

It is common to get carried away while shopping for your or someone else’s wedding and you may end up buying jewelry that does not look the way you imagined it. This process can never be rushed, you need to plan and give yourself plenty of time to figure out the sterling silver jewelry that you want to buy. Your jewelry needs to match not only your dress but also your hairstyle, your shoes, and also the color of the outfit. Sterling silver jewelry looks best with a grey or white dress.

Another major selling point for you should be the comfort level, you need to enjoy the most on your wedding day, and for that, you need to be comfortable with the kind of jewelry you are wearing. Do not get overwhelmed with the opinion of others and chose what you think looks best on you. The last and most important rule to follow is the ‘less is more’ rule as you do not want to overdo your jewelry and let it overshadow the rest of your look.

sterling silver jewelry

Final Verdict

Even though it is one of the most important days of your life, you should not go too far from your regular style and end up looking like a different person rather than being yourself. Do not get confused with trendy sterling silver jewelry and chose what you are most comfortable with and make sure to have fun in the process as it will most likely be the only time you will shop for your jewelry for your special day.

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