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White Gold: What it is and Common Styles

What is white gold, exactly?

White gold is simply a metal alloy. This fact means that it is made up of pure yellow gold combined with silvery-white alloy metals like palladium and silver is mixed with other metal alloys because pure gold must be combined with harder metals for additional durability and strength in every gold jewelry. This is because pure gold is a highly soft metal on its own.

Pure gold would get easily bent out of shape if it weren’t for the tougher alloy metals that make it rigid- which isn’t suitable for jewelry. The addition of other alloys to pure gold in jewelry is true whether the jewelry is made of rose or different gold colors. This is because gold on its own would be excessively soft in any of these variations.

Rhodium is another alloy that is used to plate jewelry. Rhodium is a member of the precious family of metals. When added to pure metal, it gives even more strength and durability, as well as a brilliant white sheen to the surface, making it the ideal metal for coating and protecting jewelry. People have a lot to ask when it comes to white gold. One of the questions that people ask when they read about white golds is,

White Gold: What it is and Common Styles


White Gold

Is my white gold still real gold?

And the answer is yes. Even though other metals are added to actual gold, it does not diminish its accuracy. You can also confirm that your white gold jewelry is the real deal by checking its hallmark. Hallmarks are symbols that are engraved on jewelry to know the metal’s purity. When buying jewelry, the hallmarks tell you the person of gold, silver, and platinum contained in the piece. It is a legal requirement for consumer protection.

How can I tell the quality of my white gold jewelry?

Hallmarks are often indicated with numbers and the letter K, which stands for Karats. This metric system holds the same for measuring yellow gold. It reflects the purity of the alloy, particularly the proportion of gold to other metals in the mix. Due to the high cost of gold, the greater the karat of white gold, the more expensive it is.

Another way to determine the quality of your is knowing the nickel content. The nickel content is another quality indicator for white golds. This is something you need to pay much attention to if you are allergic to nickels. You have to be sure that you are contemplating are nickel-free. When buying, a white gold piece with a thicker rhodium plating is preferable, as a thin coating will wear away rapidly- revealing the yellowish layer inside.

How many karats does my white god jewelry contain?

As said earlier, the hallmarks have the letter K or KT, which stands for Karats. For example, if you see 24K on jewelry, it means 24/24 karats, which is also considered the highest number of karats. It means that the piece is pure gold and has not been mixed with any other metals. The purity level goes down from 22k, 18k to 9k, only 37.5% pure gold. The 14k gold, which contains 41.7% pure gold, is the most popular type of gold used for jewelry.

White Gold

Types of white gold Jewelry

Courtesy of its popularity may be found in almost any jewelry design. Pendants, rings, earrings, and more are available in various simple, extravagant, and unique styles. Many rings, such as wedding rings, anniversaries, and engagement bands, are also. You can find them online and in many retail outlets- Tiffany & Co is a top marketer. The uniqueness of white gold allows you to purchase two-tone gold jewelry.

Other styles of white gold include;

-Dangle earrings

How to style white gold jewelry

Because it is pretty neutral, white gold jewelry goes with almost anything. As a result, mixing and matching white gold to your existing jewelry is simple. If you want to appear smart or chic, sticking to the neutrals is the best way to go. Because it provides a delicate palette that contrasts with your white gold jewelry, dressing in neutral colors allow you to wear more glitter. You could choose to wear a white gold ring and white gold earrings. Alternatively, you could mix it up, like wearing a white gold ring and a diamond necklace.

White Gold

How to care for white gold

Although gold is guaranteed to last a long time, seasonal cleaning is needed to maintain its quality, shine, and luster. Taking care of your jewelry is pretty straightforward. All you need is distilled water in a bowl and mild soap. Using distilled water rather than water from the tap is to avoid the effect of minerals and chlorine.

-In the bowl, create a mixture of distilled water and mild soap
-Dip a cloth into the mix of soap and water
-Wipe down on the jewelry with the fabric.
-Rinse well and dry with a lint-free fabric.
-If your jewelry has many crevices, dip a cotton ball into the bowl and use it to clean out those places.

White gold has a lot of advantages apart from being attractive or beautiful. It is a precious metal that has a similar appearance to silver. It is also the preferred choice to platinum because it is less expensive and more budget-friendly. It is the best option for people that prefer a white, silvery look to the familiar yellow gold. It is durable and solid and its neutral color makes it ideal for all jewels. It is elegant and timeless, and you can be sure it will go with any clothing and occasion.

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